• Seria: Parkour
  • Nr produktu: 220505
  • Producent: Lappset

Informacje podstawowe

Specyfikacja techniczna produktu
Wymiar największej części
1206 mm
2340 mm
Max. wysokość upadku
1510 mm
Najcięższa część
67.25 kg
1510 mm
2510 mm
Min. obszar / Długość
4730 mm
Min. obszar / Szerokość
4660 mm
Min. obszar / Wysokość
3310 mm
Strefa bezpieczeństwa
17.1 m2
Liczba użytkowników
10 PCS
Informacje o produkcie
Numer produktu
EN 1176-1:2008
Przeznaczenie wiekowe
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
  • 3

Użyte materiały

Metal components All the materials used in the metal components have excellent wear resistance properties and a finished look. The pipe sections in the frames are high(-)quality hot-dip galvanised thin-walled tubes. The pipes are hardwearing and dimensioned with high precision. The metal feet are hot-dip galvanised thin-walled tubes and the floor slabs are hot-dip galvanised steel plates. The tubular slides are made of brushed high(-)quality stainless steel. Floors and walls The material used in the floors and walls is 15-mm-thick dark grey high-pressure laminate. Laminate provides excellent protection against wear and changes in weather. The floors and walls are attached to the frame by means of plastic couplings. The high-pressure laminate has been patterned to provide a non-slip surface. Plastic components The plastic balls that connect the various components to each other are made of PA66 (polyamide) and have excellent wear and weather resistance properties. Plastic couplings are used to fasten floors, walls and rope components. The couplings are made of PA66 (polyamide). The caps on the plastic balls are bright yellow PEHD. They are extremely hardwearing and resistant to UV irradiation. The handholds and footholds on the climbing wall are made of hardwearing black Nepol plastic. Ropes The ropes are yellow and made of 16-mm steel-reinforced polyamide with a minimum breaking strength of 2,200 kg. The ropes are extremely hardwearing and resistant to UV irradiation. Rope components are assembled with supremely tough aluminium fastenings and plastic couplings. Fastenings Fastenings used in structures above ground are principally made of stainless steel while underground fastenings are hot-dip galvanised.

Pliki do pobrania

Instrukcja instalacji

Installation time / 1 person 11 h The estimated installation time is dependent on the size and the accessibility of the site, the concrete baseworks and the assembly time. The installation time required does not include groundworks, or making good where necessary. Lappset playground equipment will be delivered as components and elements with freight list, installation instructions, inspection and service instructions.