Obrotowa piramida linowa Apollo, niebieska

 Obrotowa piramida linowa Apollo, niebieska

Informacje podstawowe

Specyfikacja techniczna produktu
3400 mm
Max. wysokość upadku
2810 mm
4000 mm
3400 mm
Min. obszar / Długość
7400 mm
Min. obszar / Szerokość
7400 mm
Strefa bezpieczeństwa
43 m2
Liczba użytkowników
35 PCS
Informacje o produkcie
Obrotowa piramida linowa Apollo, niebieska
Numer produktu
Przeznaczenie wiekowe
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Użyte materiały

Wooden components The wooden posts in Axiom products consist of glue-laminated timber with a hexagonal profile (100 x 113 mm). The posts comprise three wooden laminates, which are glued together and planed to shape. The structure is extremely hardwearing and highly resistant to splitting and deformation. The posts are not in contact with the ground but are instead fixed to steel foundation posts, which are sunk into the ground. The posts are available with either a brown or grey-glazed finish. The colour codes are indicated by a suffix at the end of the product numbers and must be given when placing an order. The colour codes are as follows: 1 (grey) and 12 (brown). Wood protection In northern pine, heartwood accounts for over 70% of the total volume of the tree. Heartwood is extremely resilient while untreated sapwood is prone to rot. With modern pressure impregnation techniques and safe wood protection agents, however, we are also able to make the sapwood highly resilient. The wood protection agents used in Lappset’s products are free of arsenic and chromium. We use water-soluble colours and paints to enhance the properties of sapwood and to give added protection against UV irradiation and fungi. Treated wooden components can be disposed of by controlled burning at high temperatures or by depositing them at a landfill site open for construction waste. Metal components With the exception of the foundations, all metal components are made from tough aluminium. The components are then anodised, providing a higher wear resistance than powder coating. The welded seams in the joints of aluminium components are hidden in the structure wherever structurally possible. This gives the product an overall appearance of high quality. All the metal components have excellent weather resistance properties and a finished look. Hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel is used in the foundations and certain individual components. Fastenings The screws and bolts used to fasten the various components are of stainless steel, which remains rust-resistant even upon contact with aluminium. Hot-dip galvanised bolts and nuts are used in the fastenings of the foundations. Balls The smaller balls with a diameter of 60 mm (pipe ends) are manufactured using two-component die-casting technology. The polycarbonate insert on the inside is coated with soft TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). The larger 480-mm balls are also made with two-component die-casting technology and the polycarbonate dome on the inside is coated with a 5-mm thick soft TPE layer. The colours are orange (RAL-2008) and blue (RAL-5005). The large balls are used to form ascents by joining the aluminium tubes that run through the balls with plastic mounting collars. The mounting collars on the inside are made of HDPE and the external ones of cast aluminium. The aluminium collars are then green-anodised and powder-painted with RAL 9006 white aluminium. The ascents are supplied to end clients either fully or partially assembled. Ropes The pre-stretched ropes are made of steel-reinforced polyamide with a minimum breaking strength of 2,200 kg. Nets are made of 16-mm diameter rope assembled with plastic and aluminium couplers. Floors The floor material is made of 20-mm thick blue high-pressure laminate. The floor panels are fixed to other components by means of threaded inserts and rustproof screws. The floors do not require any maintenance. The material is extremely hardwearing and weatherproof, and textured to provide a non-slip playing surface. Tornado Pole The Tornado Pole is made up of an aluminium frame and aluminium steps. The steps are fixed to the frame with rubber bushings, which flex slightly when ascending. The ends of the handrail have orange (RAL-2008) Ø 60 mm balls. SPINNING MACHINE Metal components All the steel parts in the frame are made of sturdy, high-quality structural steel. Thanks to laser cutting, the components are dimensioned with extremely high precision, which guarantees excellent functionality. The components are then electrodeposited and powder-painted, providing supreme resistance to wear. The drum is made of hardwearing yet light aluminium with a powder paint finish. The drum is coated with a shock-absorbing layer of rubber with excellent wear resistance. The rotating drum is suspended on sturdy rollers with first-class bearings. The rollers are made of aluminium and polyurethane, which helps to reduce noise levels and rolling resistance. The parts of the frame are attached with strong fastenings that keep the product steady even under extreme stress loads. Outer shell The outer shell is made of fibreglass with protection against wear, weather and UV irradiation. POST CAPS Each post comes with a plastic (HDPE) or aluminium cap. The cap protects the top of the post, which is the part most susceptible to moisture. SWING FRAMES AND SEATS Lappset swing frames are both robust and easy to assemble and install. The wooden posts measure around 95 x 95 mm and are made of impregnated glue-laminated timber with a glaze finish. Each glue-laminated post comes with four glued bolts for fixing the tubular feet with flanges. The wooden parts of the swing frames are not in contact with the ground. The steel beams are electrodeposited and powder-painted. The posts used in the metallic swing models (010810, 010820, 010850) comprise 120 x 120 x 8 mm steel pipes, which have been blast-cleaned, zinc epoxy-coated and powder-painted. The beams are of glue-laminated timber, which has been impregnated and given a glaze finish. All swing frames are supplied with bearings for fastening the seats. Swing bearings The bearings are made of stainless steel and come with a sleeve bearing in the moving part. The bearings are always replaced as a complete assembly. The design of the bearing allows the swing chain to rotate around the vertical axis as well. Chains The chains are made of 6 mm diameter stainless steel. Stainless steel provides the longest lasting corrosion resistance even in demanding conditions.

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The estimated installation time is dependent on the size and the accessibility of the site, the concrete baseworks and the assembly time. The installation time required does not include groundworks, or making good where necessary. Lappset playground equipment will be delivered as components and elements with freight list, installation instructions, inspection and service instructions.